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Easter Baskets 2019

I love an excuse for putting together a gift basket, planning a party or making decor. It is truly a passion of mine and I love doing it. I am far from a professional of any kind – but I do it with a lot of love. 

And so with Easter here, you know I have been planning out Easter baskets for a while now. Except this year, I really wanted to simplify and budget on what to include. The girls have been gifted with so much already, between their grandparents and family members – they are lucky girls! As I attempt to declutter and remove toys they no longer play with and clothes they no longer wear, I wanted to avoid more toys and more clutter! Right!?

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LLW LOVES : Green Beaver 100% Natural Toothpaste for kids and why we love it

Because kids can be picky about Toothpaste too! True Story mamas, for the last 6 months or so, I have been buying every type of child’s toothpaste my local drugstore shelves had. All in the hopes of finding ONE that both my littles would use and enjoy. I say both because apparently their toothpaste flavour…

Styling Diaries: 1 Satin Skirt. 2 ways to style it.

Making the most out of every piece. The satin skirts and dresses of the summer season were one of my favourite trends this year! So being able to wear it now in the fall season is necessary to make the most of this trend that I loved years before. Remember the satin tanks of the…

Currently Wearing: The Fall outfit and basics I’m loving

Knits and Boots and Jeans – Oh my! A basic fall outfit usually consists of 3 things – boots, sweaters and chunky layers! A few of my very favourite things… It’s kind of like the “kitchen sink” of style only more chic add ons. Starting with a few wardrobe basics like tanks, tees, bodysuits or…

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021

Today is the Day! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is now open to the public – that means we can all shop it now. Some of us have been planning for it, some of us have previewed it and some have already shopped it. And for my dear friends in Canada that means it is open…


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