LLW LOVES : Green Beaver 100% Natural Toothpaste for kids and why we love it

Because kids can be picky about Toothpaste too!

True Story mamas, for the last 6 months or so, I have been buying every type of child’s toothpaste my local drugstore shelves had. All in the hopes of finding ONE that both my littles would use and enjoy. I say both because apparently their toothpaste flavour palettes couldn’t be more different. Madison enjoyed the non-mint, fruity flavours but not overly sweet or sticky. Mila likes a light mint taste with all the sweet flavours most kids enjoy in a toothpaste. While buying two types of toothpastes all the time seems worth it to keep them happily brushing their pearly whites, complain free. It is nothing compared to discovering a child-friendly toothpaste brand that’s flavour is loved by the Kiddos, is 100% Natural, and fluoride free while still being effective. Let me tell you all about our experience trying Green Beaver 100% natural, fluoride-free Naturapeutic Toothpastes.

*This post is my true honest experience and opinion, I received this product for free from Moms Meet (momsmeet.com) to try. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links of the products mentioned.

To be completely honest, I knew when receiving the Green Beaver Natural toothpastes that it could have gone either way. It could have tasted strangely or had a different texture that the kids wouldn’t like. It could have been flavourless or just plain bad tasting. When it comes to “Natural ” products, many of us can be skeptical. But I knew I couldn’t pass up the chance to try a whole collection of different flavoured toothpaste that was also fluoride free. So I took a chance and I’m so happy that I did. When opening the box, I smiled to see adorable boxes of toothpaste tubes that I knew my girls would love. With a smiling little tooth on the front and some sweet sounding flavours like Bubble Gum and Green Apple, I felt more excited and optimistic in introducing my little toothpaste critics to Green Beaver. My girls immediately smiled at the chance to try this new mystery toothpaste, and so we did. They both excitedly started with the Bubble Gum flavour, and to my surprise they BOTH loved it! They said it “tastes just like bubblegum”. So I gave it a try myself and it tasted just like chewy pink bubble gum – but without all the sugar. It is in fact made from real Cherries which makes it very yummy and safe to swallow. And even without the sugar high – they loved it! They would actually ask if they could brush their teeth again – right after they just did it! While I am not recommending that, I am definitely saying that this has never happened before, my littles have never asked me if they could brush their teeth let alone back to back. While they were all about the Bubble gum for a straight week, they quickly became curious of the other flavours. Could they all taste this good?

I get that maybe toothpaste flavour hasn’t been an issue for some of your kiddos. Maybe finding a natural toothpaste or a fluoride free option is more your concern. A concern I also had and have. While Mila has always been great at wanting to learn to brush her teeth from a young age (most likely thanks to her older sister), getting her not to swallow the tooth paste was another story. So while they have no idea what fluoride is or what fluoride free means, we do! Too much fluoride can be toxic, and it isn’t recommended for children under the age of six, so ingesting it is a very real concern for all moms but especially those of little kiddos.

Instead of Fluoride, Green Beaver uses xylitol, a naturally sourced ingredient that helps protect the enamel, maintain your mouth’s pH balance, lower acidity, and stimulate saliva production.

Xylitol fights bacteria that causes cavities and it’s 100% natural, seeing as it is sourced from birch bark. Find more fluoride free toothpastes from Green Beaver here!

The Strawberry flavour quickly became another favourite in our household. It is made from real strawberries which gives it it’s fresh and sweet taste, and since it’s safe for both kids and toddlers to swallow; we can let our kiddos learn and enjoy brushing their teeth with ease and less worry! Since Mila enjoys a light taste of mint without it being overpowering, I knew she would enjoy the Natural Green Apple toothpaste after I tried it myself , we deserve a good- for -you toothpaste too, right!? It tastes just like a juicy green apple with a light fresh hint of mint. So light that it quickly became Madison’s current favourite. That’s right, the same Madison who can’t stand mint! But it’s sweet and refreshing and enriched with calcium. Next we tried The Zesty orange, it gave us all the sweetness you would expect – just like biting into an orange complete with vitamin C to strengthen teeth. While my littles love all the fresh and fruity goodness of Green Beavers Naturapeutic toothpastes, they did find the Ultra Whitening toothpaste extra minty and have yet to enjoy it’s benefits of papaya extract which has been clinically proven to whiten teeth naturally. So maybe they will let me take that one?!?

Green Beaver toothpastes are packaged in recyclable materials with biodegradable ingredients. Good For YOU, the KIDS and the ENVIRONMENT.

While we have only tried Kids’ line of Naturapeutic toothpastes, Green Beaver has a full range of skin and hair care including natural deodorants, mineral sunscreens and baby skincare. All natural and made in Canada. See more from Green Beaver at GreenBeaver.com Shop them in store in shops across Canada like Shoppers Drugmart and Sobeys.

I hope you and your little ones love them as much as we do. You can try it now, Save 25% off any purchase of Green Beaver toothpaste at greenbeaver.com with promo code GBSmile25. Expires 11/30/21.

Thanks for stopping by lovelies and joining me on my ever changing motherhood journey. Let me know if you try Green Beaver. What was your favourite product or your littles favourite flavour? xx

With Love

Michelle xo

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