At Home Spa Day

Being a stay at home mom for years now has really helped prepare me for life in quarantine – for a year now! One thing I can take from stay at home mom life into social distancing life is finding ways to give myself some much needed break time and self care.

One of my favourite things to do when I need to refresh, wash a day away or reset is to give myself a facial, put on my favourite playlist and light some candles or spray my favourite scent into the air. It’s all about the ambience after all. Even if the kids are around or not, unplugging (both literally and figuratively) is so important for all of us living in this world of non stop Tik Toks and Reels. Even more so as we all isolate ourselves from the world.

It doesn’t take fancy gear or an at home sauna (although that does sound pretty sweet). All you need is a little time, a quiet room/bathroom (preferably) and your favourite skincare products. I light my favourite candle, put on some soothing music that helps me relax and give myself some room to breath while giving my tired skin the pick up it deserves. I told myself this year I was going to commit to doing this ONCE a week, every Sunday. It’s a goal of mine to give myself some breathing room and make sure my face doesn’t look as I tired as I feel (lol). We deserve it after all, we are heading into another year of covid. I noticed last year how bad my skin was reacting. It had never been so out of control, breakouts and dryness – it never acted like that before. I know so many who experienced the same erratic skin last year, and I’m sure all the stress and anxiety had much to blame along with lack of exercise, change in eating and sleeping habits too. So this is my way of taking back some control over my skin and I have seen a huge change already. (My husband asked me last week if I was pregnant because I was “glowing”) LOL.

So here are a few tips and what I am using lately (and previously) for creating my own at home spa experience. No body massages included unfortunately but I think you will become addicted to how good your skin will feel and hopefully help you get your glow back. So light your favourite candle, grab a glass of cucumber water, pull your hair back, put on some Sade and relax.

My Steam Facial Picks

Steam Facial Tips:

+ Do not steam more than once a week. Keep each steam session to 10 mins to avoid skin irritation.

+ Allow steamer to warm up first before using, once you see steam begin, it’s ready for you to use.

+ Avoid steam facials if you have a skin condition like Rosacea or consult a dermatologist before trying.

+ Make sure you’re steaming a clean, freshly washed face. Wash your face with your usual cleanser before your facial.

+ After your steam facial, use a facial exfoliator or face mask – your pores are open after your facial and it’s a perfect chance to give them a deep clean.

+Rinse your facial mask or exfoliator with fresh – not cold or warm water. The colder temperature water will close your pores after being opened and cleansed. Moisturize as you normally would after you wash the mask/exfoliator off. Don’t forget your spf and eye cream!

Masks & Exfoliating

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All you really need is a little time, some quiet – if you can get it, and set a little ambience to really give you a ‘at home spa day’…and that is Priceless. So if you can do that – then DO IT. Take a moment (or 20 if you can) and give yourself the much needed mental and physical reset we so need right now. I hope this serves as a reminder to make time for YOU. It won’t just come to you, you have to take it and MAKE it….and that is always worth it! Stay safe my friends.

With Love,

Michelle xo

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