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It’s that time again! The Holiday season is starting to creep up on us, and I for one am so thrilled. After what has been the most unprecedented of years I have ever experienced (like most of us I’m sure), I am truly looking forward to the most wonderful time of the year. Outside of sharing joy, spreading peace on earth and generosity – Christmas really is all about family, friends and the kiddos! lol. While a child’s Christmas list can go on and on (and on and on…), I am here to help you out if even just a little. We may be bombarded by what our little ones desperately want from Santa for Christmas, but when it comes to the other special littles in your life, sometimes a little inspiration (from a mama of 2 vocal little shoppers) can help make your shopping list a little lighter. And if your little sugarplums aren’t as specific as mine, well then keep reading lovely!

Everything shared in this post today are chosen by me with the experience I have had buying for my two girls and several nephews over the years. (I’m the only one with girls in the fam). We either already own it or a similar item or they really want it (or I just really love it) lol. I’ll only ever share what we all use, love or has value for me or my girls/family! I wanted to include different price ranges along with different types and interests in hopes this post will serve it’s purpose in lending a helping holiday hand. Madison is now 6.5 years old (ahhh) and a hardcore girly girl & techie. Mila is now 4 (here come the waterworks) and loves everything from baby dolls, pretend play to dinosaurs lol. So you can see what I am working with here, alllll over the map. This post is curated for all the kiddos around ages 3-7 (a little more girly – naturally), but just fun, playful, adorable gift ideas! I plan to do a separate posts of what toys I wind up grabbing for the girls – but here are my finds of some of the sweetest little gifts for any little one you need to shop for and some clothing and accessories too. I truly hope you enjoy reading! More Guides to come and I can’t wait to share…online shopping is kinda my jam! (lol) Be sure to check back as I will be working hard this season to keep these guides and holiday pages as up to date as possible when it comes to stock, price and product – there are always new sales and new products coming out so if you don’t see something you like now, you may next week! ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Stocking Tip: I like to include a few basic things, and I do the same every year so far. I include an essential item(s) like cute toothbrushes or a hair brush. Chaptick, nail polish and a small toy like the LOL! doll or play-dough pictured above. I’ll add some sweets like Hershey Chocolate kisses and top it off with a cute stuffy poping up to say hello!

My Top Five

+ LeapFrog Leap pad ultimate – My girls each got one of these for their birthday’s this past summer and I am SO happy they did! It is a wonderful alternative to the iPad or tv while still feeling like like an iPad. The games are tailored to your child’s age, learning needs and personal preferences, and of course, fun and educational. They can even put their picture on the intro screen!

+ Green Toys Tea Set – Mila got this set last Christmas and it is one of her most loved toys. What little girl doesn’t love a tea party!? But honestly, the fact that they are GREEN and so durable is perfect for any little one with all the dropping these cups may do. My girls pour water and have even put snacks in the bowls and plates, easy to wash up afterwards.

+ Inflatable Princess Playhouse – Need I say more? This one is on our list ๐Ÿ™‚ We have a teepee at home that the girls adore to relax in and read in, have quiet time etc. But I love that this house can go inside, outside or you can easily take it on the road with you – wherever you may be headed. Bonus: it deflates ! Easy storage..and so. cute. lol

+ Dough Parlour Christmas Set – Even better if you grab this before Christmas Day! It’s a perfect play time/holiday activity! This sweet scented play dough in the prettiest of colours and packaging comes with themed cutters for little imaginations. The Scents are always tailored to the package theme – like peppermint and gingerbread in this Christmas set. My girls have the unicorn set and LOVE IT!

+ Wonder Co. Kitty Plush Pillow and Fleece Blanket – I grabbed two – one of each of my girls! lol. I see lazy afternoons and cozy nights of snuggling with this squishy kitty pillow. It comes with a cozy blanket that tucks right into the back of the pillows pocket that opens and closes with a zipper. My girls adore cats which is a bonus, but there is also a yeti.

Play Time Gifts

Splurge Worthy : Vintage Ride on Metal car – The prettiest play car you’ll ever find. Fun if the kids want to ride it or just as a pretty piece to sit in a playroom or bedroom. Think of how cute it would be to gift a new girl mama this sweet ride for the nursery or a little girls first ride! ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s also much more affordable then many other similar play cars out there.

Crafting / Creating

Clothing / Accessories

Save Fave : Melissa & Doug Pet Vet Set – My little Mila received this for her 4th Birthday and it has been a constant doctors office around here. We love everything pretend play so this was perfect for her. It comes with a cute (and good sized) kitty and puppy for your little one to check and nurse back to health – including all the doctor tools along with bandages, a cast and doctor report sheet that can be written on with marker and easily wiped off. The best part is they can use it on all their toys….and us too. I have been “checked up” many times! lol.

Books / Education

What’s on my shopping list…

Here are few extra things that I am in love with this season and can’t wait to gift my girls for Christmas. I probably mentioned some already but in the spirit of trying to make the very most out of this Gift Guide…here is a little more inspiration for those that need it! xo

Thank you for making it all the way to the end ๐Ÿ™‚ These guides are a lot of work but I LOVE IT! It’s always nice to see someone else’s finds and see what idea’s they may have. I hope you found it enjoyable if nothing else lol. But as I mentioned before friends, it is the start of the season and am sure there is plenty out there for me to find…taking my time perusing allllll the shops is kind of an obsession (guilty!). So I really hope you found some sweet gift idea’s for all The Littles in your life. With such a strange season of life, we are all looking for alternative ways to shop, communicate, function – basically live. And leaning on others is one way to do all those things. The one thing I can truly hope for is that this blog is an open space and a little corner of the Internet where you can feel welcomed, enjoy your read and find some lovely take-a-ways for all the things. Even if it is a few gift recs. lol.

So thank you for stopping by, checking us out, having a read, viewing my finds and hopefully loving the visit. Drop a comment… Have you started Christmas shopping yet? How are you feeling about the holidays this year? (it’s ok to not be feeling so Merry & Bright about it!) What is on your little elves’ Christmas Wish List this year? xx

With Love,

Michelle xo

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