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As you all know – I LOVE a good crafting project or DIY. Especially when it involves something for my little ones. So when I was asked to review Chalkola’s line of chalk markers, my imagination went a little wild with all the idea’s of how I could utilize these markers and exactly where I could use them. Ironically, I was in the midst of doing seasonal re-organizing of closets and pantries – not to mention preparing my girls (and home) for the start of Home Schooling. So the timing seemed too perfect.

These thoughts, opinions and all the idea’s I share below are my own ๐Ÿ™‚

Firstly, I have to add I am no calligraphy expert by any means, but after some practice on paper to get the correct style and sizing I was looking for; it came together pretty quickly and easily. These chalk markers were very easy to use, smooth on the board and thankfully EXTREMELY easy to clean/wipe off your surface. So no worries about making any mistakes because it’s a quick and simple fix – just use a damp cloth or paper towel and done!

MOM TIP: Don’t let the kiddos use these on the wall or floors – it won’t be such an easy clean up lol. I know it seems like something that shouldn’t have to be said – but I am just putting it out there since chalk is easy to clean off surfaces so it may be assumed.

*(No walls or floors were ruined in the making of this post) !

How to use: Shake your chosen marker (like you would a can of spray paint) you can hear the cartridge inside the marker as it is mixing the product so give it a good shake! When you’re ready to create, push the tip of the marker down to release the product, you will notice you have to push the marker down and glide it back and forth to get it going – but the great news is you will only have to do this the first time you open the marker – after that I noticed they work right away! My favourite part about using the Chalkola markers is the amount of use I got out of them already – they work on all porous surfaces! The colours are all pretty and it looks good the first stroke I made, I didn’t have to go over it again to make the colour appear deeper.

Here are a few of the ways I used Chalkola in my home and how I used them to celebrate Back to school !

You can find the markers I used here and this chalk board above here

Tip: Plan out your idea first on a sheet of paper with your marker…I found the more I used it, the better it worked because the product was ready for use and I never had to wipe away and re-do. I was already comfortable using the marker and had my design/idea all laid out.

I used the gold metallic markers and the white marker to create our Back to school board, here is the full color pack. This adorable and perfectly sized chalk board is also Chalkola – you can find it here.

I used pink and white markers to write on these mason jars I already had as added organization in the girls’ home school/learning area. Again, you can use them on so many surfaces!

The markers served as an added bonus for the littles! I used them to create the letters and numbers that Mila could trace – she used regular chalk but doing the alphabet/numbers in a different colour and with the markers meant they would stand out while she traces them to work on her writing and they wouldn’t wipe away as she wrote. ( only with a wet cloth/napkin, I suggest the cloth!) Although Mila did enjoy writing on the chalk board with the markers too. I used the mason jars for the kids but you could also label them with ingredients in the kitchen or “utensils” on your utensil holder, S on salt shakers, P on Pepper shakers. Label plastic containers for different tea bags or glass containers for different pasta’s, and just wipe away when you need to switch them up.

I created these fun little gift baskets to get the girls excited for Back to School! The chalk tags and markers really did fit in perfectly with the “school” theme!

After I’m done with the tags here, I’ll use them on the girls’ own baskets that we keep at the front door with their gloves/ hats/ scarves etc. The weather doesn’t call for it yet but keeping their belongings organized and ready (and labelled – no confusion!) will help once they need it. I also used the chalk tags and the white Chalkola marker to create tags in my linen closet as well as our laundry room! You can find chalk tags here.

To find out more about the Chalkola brand and products, you can visit their website : www.Chalkola.com . If your an Amazon lover (like me) you can find their fun products there too with many more marker colour options then I have included in this post today : www.Amazon.ca/chalkola or for the US site : www.Amazon.com/chalkola

Thanks so much for checking what we have been up to lovelies! And whether your littles are homeschool-ing or back in school live, you’re doing a great job mama, keep it up and stay safe ! xx

With Love,

Michelle and the minis xo

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