3 ways to Style an Oversized Tee

Another summer, and a few more closet staples to add (lol). I think the difference with this summer over others is that we really are not trying to go overboard with all the cute summer things, but maybe just a few key purchases (aimiright!?) A few key things we can wear like bike shorts and a flowy dress over and over again (at home or stepping out) really is my MO this year! What about you guys?

What I am loving for a fast grocery run – which is few and far between, or for a small gathering in our back yard with family/friends is my t-shirts! This year it’s this neutral coloured, comfy drop shoulder tee! Here are 3 ways I’m mixing it up and working it into my days.

Keeping it loose and comfy for moving around…after the kids or out and about – Don’t forget your mask!

Tee // Bike Shorts // Scrunchie // Slides // Cross-body bag

Front Tuck and distressed jean shortsLet those shorts show!

Distressed shorts // Mules // purse

Let the Shoes (and accessories) be the star!

Sandals // jeans // purse

I know summer is looking really different and probably really weird for most of us, but take the chance to dress up whenever you want and feel good in your skin, appreciate all the little things around you that you may not realize you have, and enjoy the time you’re given – for more hugs with the kids or talks with the hubby…or being able to finish that whole season of Dynasty on Netflix (finally!) Whatever it may be, stay positive my friends. And when in doubt – Retail Therapy! xx

With Love,

Michelle xo

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