Healthy Hair Tips and Hacks to do in between washes

In between washing my hair is the time I like to really let my hair just be! I style it the day after I wash it – I usually don’t blow dry either, just towel dry, comb it, braid and sleep! A little Argan oil on the ends and sometimes a little volumizier at the roots, but I really don’t like to add too much product. Allowing your natural hair oils to build is essential to healthy hair – it’s growth and scalp health. So I really try and allow my hair oils to do it’s thing and you know, build up and moisturize my scalp naturally. Do what it’s meant to do!

Firstly, be consistent with your hair washing schedule – lol! Ok, I know how funny that sounds like…really, Michelle? But here is why, your scalp will produce enough oil to keep your hair moisturized until wash day because it will naturally learn your hair washing schedule. Example: if you wash your hair every 4 days, your hair will produce enough oils to keep your hair protected for 4 days! (If you’re a mama – think about how your body produces enough milk based on how much baby will feed!) And if you’re not a mama – disregard the last reference lol! But that’s how it works, our bodies just know. I like to go a little longer – like 5 days sometimes 6. I have a medium thickness and long hair so I just feel like when I wash it in less then 5 days, it feels so dry…but hey – that’s me! Find what works for you and go with it!

Other then scheduling your washes and allowing your natural hair oils to build and moisturize your locks, here are a few other hair-maintaining tips I like to do between washes.

Love is in the Hair

Spraying dry shampoo in your hair at night will not only soak up all the excess oils but you’ll wake up with killer volume.

Use a same coloured eyeshadow as your hair as root powder ! So I haven’t actually tried this myself, but I thought it sounded like a cool idea to try and perfect timing since we can’t get into salons right now!

Lather your hair with coconut oil or your preferred hair oil the day before “wash day” to help moisturize your mane.

Invest in a silk pillowcase – it reduces Frizz and minimizes split ends. Bonus : It’s better for your skin!

Brush your hair before shampooing for a smoother, tangle free wash. Brushes are better than combs.

If you brush your hair when it’s wet – opt for a brush. It’ll gently detangle your strands without the breakage and damage.

Use a firm toothbrush and hair oil to smooth your part. Use it for a slick ponytail, bun or even when wearing your hair done. It’s an easy way to take care of fly-aways and frizz.

Sleep in a high loose pony tail to keep your styled hair in tact until wash day. Use a silk sleep scrunchie if you can, to sleep instead of a hair tie. It reduces breakage and doesn’t leave a “ponytail” crease in your hair. Or a pack like this .

Hope these will be good use for you as they have been for me! Especially so we can come out of quarantine with bouncy, healthy, shiny, natural hair. Thanks for reading lovelies. Stay safe xx

With Love,

Michelle xo

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  1. I really need the silk scrunchie my hair kinks like crazy and if I put it up for any length of time it has to stay up until wash day so hopefully, the scrunchie will help

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