Things to do during self-isolation

The first two weeks of our social distancing/self-isolating or self-quarantine were very unpredictable. I tried to take it day by day (minute by minute on some days), but as time goes by I realized I also have to take some time to do things that make me feel good too, not just the kiddos. And that includes a few things just for me aaaand getting a few things done that I just don’t usually have the time to do!

Some days are all about stimulating the littles, other days we shamelessly lay around enjoying no schedule and routine. But other days, I give myself a little pamper sesh or throw my hair up and get some things done! How about you guys, what have your days been like?

Here are a few things I’ve been doing to kick the boredom and keep my sanity…and maybe tick a few things off the to do list.
  • Wash your makeup brushes. Here is an automatic brush cleaner I heard is amazing! Here are the mats I use to scrub my brushes clean for a steal!
  • Organize and throw away make-up and skin care products that are expired or that you no longer use.
  • Give myself a mani/pedi! I do this every week already, I have always enjoyed doing by own nails- it’s the one moment I can just ‘be‘. Here is a really cute mani set – simple and straight forward. Here is an electric set that’s a STEAL which I’ve heard some amazing things about!
  • Play Dress up! Go through your closet and play with your clothes. Sounds funny but hear me out : try on last seasons spring/summer clothes, see what you still like and what you think you can giveaway. Make different outfits so you know what your ‘go-to’s‘ will be – your busy future self will thank you when your closet is organized and filled with things you love and will actually wear. So when you are on the go, you already know what to go to. The best way to do this is try things on, play around and have some fun. I bet the kids will even join in. I found a few great items to help with the organize the closet clutter:

Fabric closet organizer/shelving

Hanging purse organizer white / Black / Detachable Grey

5 Shelf hanger in closet

  • Give yourself a steam facial! This is my favourite thing to do when I have 15 mins to myself. It’s relaxing and gives me a quick mental break while taking care of my skin. I use this facial steamer . And I love it – especially for the price and it’s fast and easy to use. This one is a little smaller and $5 cheaper too if you want to check it out!
  • Declutter that space you have been putting off. Whether it’s a closet, the kids toys/toy room, laundry room. For me it’s our basement and the toys (that have literally taken over the whole house). I’m slowly putting aside the toys we will be donating and hopefully a little basement organizing. Even if it’s a little bit every other day, it helps me feel like I’m getting somewhere with it.
  • Introduce the kids to your favourite movies growing up! We have been watching Harry Potter. We got the kids into it thanks to the Harry Potter Lego Video game and now they have been so curious about it. So we have been watching the series. Even though the kids are still young and don’t fully understand the story – they love watching the magic! And it’s been super fun for my husband and I – we’re huge Harry Potter nerds.
  • Go for a drive. Whether it’s just you or with the kids, you don’t have to have a destination in order to leave the house, just get out for all your sanities and drive, listen to the radio and leave the house, even if it’s 20 mins!
  • Start getting the house spring ready! Clean the porch or the deck, re-organize the garage or get the kids’ bikes out of hiding. Looking ahead to better days and planning for better weather, is a great mental break from the everyday.
  • Journal. Taking care of our mental health is quite crucial in maintaining our sanity. Feeling anxious or frustrated? Take a few mins to Clear the energy in your mind and let it out, even if it is for your eyes only!
  • Exercise. Now I am guilty of not exercising at all. What I do love is stretching everyday, deep breathing exercises and taking a little time to decompress amidst the constant commotion of having the family home everyday. My little Mila even loves stretching with me and hopefully it becomes something we will do together for a long time!
  • Play with your hair and makeup! How else will you know what works unless you test drive it first. Play with different eye shadow colours, try that winged eyeliner look you haven’t mastered, or mix different lip colours together. Give your self a blow out, pull out the old curling iron or try something totally new! My new obsession : this wave iron. It’s not quite curls and not quite crimps but it does give me the perfect mermaid hair – just in time for warmer weather, so I have been playing around with that so I can get use to using it and be ready to use and go once life gets back to the normal chaos!

The point to all this, is really just trying to make the most of time. Time is something we are rarely ever given, we are never given chances to spend more time together and we are never ever asked to slow down or to just stop. It is so difficult to not know what is to come but today, all you can do is slow down. Embrace time, and each other. Look around and make the very most out of this. I’d love to know, what are you lovelies doing with your time? Anything myself or my community should be trying? Let me know below. Communication and together, we will get through it, one day at a time!

With Love,

Michelle xo

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