Idea’s to keep the kids busy when you’re stuck at home

These are a few of the activities that we will be doing while we’re stuck at home during the coronavirus outbreak. Many of these are activities and crafts that I would use on PA days, if we were going to be at home or anytime the kids may be home and feeling bored. It’s also a great way to keep them distracted or busy while you get a few things done (even if it’s for 15 mins lol.) I’ll be adding them all to our Pinterest page if you would like to save them for the coming weeks or maybe a rainy day. You can also see everything we’re up to and how we’re entertaining ourselves while at home on our instagram stories as well. I’ll keep it short and simple as I know we are all in a weird state and trying to figure out how to keep our families, safe, healthy and happy. I really hope this post helps give you mama’s some idea’s on how to keep the days fun and the energy positive. I truly believe that is the one thing we can control in this strange time of chaos and anxiety. I’ll be updating this post with the new activities we do throughout time at home as we do our part in

Playdough Decorating

Using literally anything, from your crafts supply, glitter, beads, we even used dried pasta. Let the kids make their own decorative play dough. With all the different colours and textures, it’s a great sensory activity too and a chance to be creative!

Pretend Dinner Play

We used different textured balls like felt, styrofoam and cotton to make “dinner”. Mila cooked them all up in her play kitchen with play dishes. (We made the styrofoam balls “potato’s”) We also made “play dough cookies’ and put them in the oven.

Dress Up

Bring out the stored halloween costumes and let the kids have a fun day of pretend play.

Bubbles and Balloons

They aren’t just for parties or outdoor play! We always have balloons floating around our play rooms, the girls rooms and sometimes throughout the house; (slippery little suckers) and the girls just love it. Since we didn’t go outside our first day home – it was way too cold and Madison had the sniffles (a common cold) – I let them blow bubbles in the house. Be sure it’s on a carpet or that you are keeping the floor dry as much as possible, it gets slippery. I know it’s not ideal but it was a fun break! (and counts as washing the floor – right!?)

Here are a few of our favourite supplies, crafts and sensory goodies to always have in the house for a rainy day..or a self isolation period! Fun and still educational.


Assorted pom poms for crafts / felt balls / glitter pom poms / Counting Bears and matching cups / Kinetic sand set / Kinetic sand 1-pack / playdough assorted colours pack / play dough creativity tub / silly scents markers / washable paint mini jars / paint trays / paint trays and brushes set

Early Learning:

Wipe clean : Early learning activity book / Wipe Clean : Starting school workbook / Wipe Clean : Sight Words / My first scissors / My first scissors training and paper /

Fun/Sensory play:

Water beads (orbeez) / Water beads and trays / Mini wild animals / Food colouring (primary colours) / Food colouring (neon) / bath drops / bath drops and crayons

Color mixing

Give the kiddos a bucket (or tray/bowl) of water and let them make their own colours with food colouring or bath drops. Learning what red and blue make, green and yellow, so and so forth. My girls absolutely loved doing it and still do…

Color sorting

We used colourful mini marshmallows, but you can use fruit loops, dummies, beads anything with a colour or print/pattern that allows the littles to sort them into their correct groups. I got the girls to put all the yellow marshmallows into the yellow bowl and so on….and as a treat, they got to nibble on their project as well. lol 🙂

Worksheets and flashcards

I’ve been using flashcards we’ve had for years to play little games with the kids to keep their brain working lol. But I recently came across this website and am in love! Some of the items you have to pay for but many are printable and things you can use at home with the kids to keep them stimulated and still learning. The activities and worksheets are used by teachers and are in the pre-school to grade 1 level I would say. I feel like it has already been a great resource for us, even though we haven’t done everything I have printed out yet, it’s a great way to break up the day and help us keep the time moving and their little hands and minds busy. So, if you mama’s feel like you could use a little help or inspiration in keeping their minds busy and learning – take a look.

Hope this helps you mama’s plan your days. A mix of play, learning and resting. I’ll be adding more activities as we do them ourselves with our days at home, and as always, if you ever have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Together we will get through this! xx

With Love,

Michelle and the minis xo

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