Valentines Day Diy’s & Decor

With Valentines Day around the corner, the girls and I (mostly I)…have been getting our crafts out, grabbing all our pink books and decorating their rooms with as much pink as we can find (not that I need an excuse anyway!) But it’s been fun and since my little ladies love pink as much as I do, having a little fun with LOVE day was a no brainer.

To be honest, I am not a big valentines day celebrator. My husband and I don’t really do anything over the top, or cute rom-com worthy date nights. But as with everything in life after kids, it’s become something nice to do with the littles. Eat sweets or bake something, or maybe go out for dinner as a family and I’m good. (Although I wouldn’t reject a bouquet of fresh blooms, I can’t lie.) I loved planning this cute & simple DIY Galentine’s day goodie table for the girls a few years back, when they were both far too young to even understand what valentines day was. I enjoyed doing it and seeing their little smiles when they saw the Minnie Mouse themed treat table. Last year we spent our Valentines day on a family vacation and the same goes for us this year. we leave today!

Our little family is in desperate need of reconnecting and much needed relaxing after a very tough start to the year. (That’s a post for another day..) So while we will not actually be here during Valentines day, I still want to give my girls the full V-day feels. With Madison in school now, she will be missing out on celebrating it with her school friends and so we are going to recreate the experience of giving and receiving messages of love and snacking on some goodies. (why not?) So let’s jump right into what we have been up to, that is, when I’m not packing….


This pink tassel garland is the prettiest shade of dusty pink and is a velvet yarn . I made the tassels to fit this area above her desk but you can make them as long or thick as you like. The garland is perfect for any decor or party decor idea. 🙂 The pink and gold heart garland is simply cardstock and twine. I made that garland years ago and use it to decorate the girls room or for parties that fit the colour scheme. But I made a new one this month too, pictures of that one to follow…it’s super cute!

Tassels, pom poms and prints! Kind of my go to when needing easy and budget friendly decor, whether for a party or decorating for a holiday – these are my go to’s because I can do them all at home. Either on my free time (after bedtime while watching The Real Housewives…) or making it apart of craft time with the kids.

This print I created myself with pink card stock but one of my favourite things to do in the kids rooms (and playroom) are purchase and print designs from the talented creators on Etsy. I can purchase the design (or customize one) and print it on my own at home on high quality paper or have it done at the print shop! Like this one from one of my favourite creatives! She also has printable Valentine cardsI’m here for it, but I don’t have the time this year. We had poms all over for Christmas and it just felt sweet and cozy so I just reused them for our V-day wall decor! Pom poms are truly the easiest to make and once you make your first one – you will be hooked! I swear…lol. Tutorial for that coming soon. ( The girls love helping me make those too!)

Our Books

Give me all the holiday or occasion books. And better yet if they’re Pink! So here are some of our faves – and although some might not be about Valentines day – they look just as lovely!

In my heart – A book of feelings

Hug Machine – We read this EVERY night. The girls love it.

Miss Lina’s Ballerina’s

Flora the flamingo This book doesn’t have any words, the beautiful illustrations tell the story.

Love is a Tutu

Love is

I am Love

Romeo and Juliet

The Pink Umbrella

A little princess

This is not A Valentine

Plant a Kiss

Claris: The Chicest Mouse in Paris – One of our Faves!

Our DIY Heart Garland and a few of our favourite lovely books in Mila’s room

Pink Heart Garland

Materials/Supplies :

Your choice of material. I chose pink cardstock as I had it on hand already. You can use paper Mache, cardboard, felt, glitter cardstock or anything else you may have already on hand.

Hole punch.


heart stencil – I made one out of cardboard.

Twine or yarn

I traced all the hearts I wanted ( I made 8, not too big and not too small.) I used the cardboard heart to trace mine out of pink cardstock (you can buy cardstock anywhere – amazon, Walmart, staples, michaels….

Once I had all my hearts, I hole punched the hearts and used pink twine to hang them.


I like to keep DIY’s easy and quick. Momming keeps us busy and on our toes all day. And if I can take a little time to do something fun, cute and creative with the kids; than it’s important to keep things simple so they can help as well. (which they love to do!)

We have a few more LOVE crafts to share, along with a little goodie basket I put together for my minis. Details for that will be a separate post! Thanks so much for reading lovelies, hope you enjoyed it! xx

With Love,

Michelle and the minis xo

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