Lookbook: Our Sweet and Spooky Pink Halloween decor

Hey Boo!

So I tried something new this year for Halloween – it sounds totally extra (I know) but hear me out. I decided to bring some of the Halloween festivities into the girls’ rooms and let me tell you – they loved it! They loved watching as I added garlands, bats and pictures to their individual rooms, transforming them into spooky-sweet (and PINK) little halloween havens!

A lot of it is DIY and the rest is all super affordable handmade items off Etsy. I had a vision in mind and went with it, I knew I didn’t want it to be scary in anyway being as they would be sleeping and waking in their rooms, but I knew they would enjoy the festive feeling – and they really did! It warmed my heart to hear them talk about it EVERYDAY and smile whenever they noticed something new. So here is our take on Halloween or Pink-oween as I have been calling it, inspiration to anyone who may want to try doing something a little more sweet than scary.

The Cat’s Meow! My girls love Cat’s so the black cat’s were a no brainer! lol.

It’s just a bunch of Hocus Pocus

I printed the BOO flag myself. Pink cardstock and a thin wooden dowel from a craft set we already had. The “Tiny Ghoul Gang” print I also just made myself on my computer with stock images from Google and printed on thick cardstock. I purchased the “Hocus Pocus” design from a shop on Etsy and again, printed it myself on cardstock.

This mini balloon garland I made with some left over balloons from my husbands birthday party and just added a few small pink ones. It was done pretty quickly and was a great way to use up our balloons that were just sitting around. But to be honest, we ALWAYS have balloons just flying around the house. The girls love them and so do I, lol. They’re fun and young.

Gone Batty!

These super cheap 3D bats I found on Amazon was probably what I loved most this year. I got a pack of over 100 (lol…crazy bat lady) for under $10! They were great to accent little area’s around the house, easy to add and remove and the kids LOVED it! They would always reference “the Bats”! whenever they would enter a room, so adding a few to their rooms was a fun idea they really enjoyed.

Ghouls Rule!
Another printable set I printed at home on cardstock. Hot pink tape and done!

My Tiny Ghoul Gang!

I put a Spell on you!
Hey Ghoul hey!

So I have this thing with Holiday Books! But I couldn’t help it as these all went our Pink-oween theme. Besides it’s a win-win when the kids ask for a new story every night! Reading is winning.

Yarn Tassel ghosts by me. Stickers on the door by them. It’s a collaborative effort.

At the end of the day, a post like this really is all about my effort to make the most memories with the girls and enjoy the moments with them and their childhood. This idea may not be for everyone but if there is any take away from this post, I hope it would be inspire moms to embrace this fleeting time and make the most out of it. Crafting and DIY-ing things like this may not be for you, and that’s totally fine mama. Do you and embrace the moments – that’s what this is all about. Doing this made my heart happy because I enjoy it and I enjoy watching their faces. If I inspired even one mama, then I am a happy girl! Would love to hear your thoughts on Halloween decor or how you’re embracing the season – whether with or without the little ghouls. Don’t forget to stop and treat yo’ self too!

Double Double toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

With Love,

Michelle and the minis xo

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