My Estee Lauder Haul

Estee Lauder is one of those brands – they have been around for so long, we all know of it and it was most likely known as our ‘moms brand’ of skin care. It was literally recommended to me by my mom (no joke) when she told me to give their Advanced night repair serum a try. And since then, I’ve been literally hooked on it!

I have mentioned my love for the advanced night repair serum before – the light feeling and the glow-y look it gives my skin when I wake up is pretty addictive. Being at a (ahem…) ‘certain age’ where you really begin examining those fine lines and looking for aging skin, it’s only natural I’m going to be exploring brands or products that can help me tackle early signs of aging…and I’m sure my littles help with that a little too! (sorry girls – but it’s true!) I have always maintained that splurging on the best is something I will be willing to do 1) when it fits into our budget and 2) if it is truly a product worth my money!

So, thanks to mom – I loaded up on some of their most coveted products for my skin type: combination-oily and early signs of aging. Needless to say it so far has been worth the splurge. I am by no means saying “hey girls, head over to Estee Lauder and buy everything” lol, but here are the products I found worth a try and may even become a regular in my own routine. So, maybe it would be helpful to some of you too!

After all, it is a hefty price tag – but when you guys are wanting to treat yourselves and try something new and WORTH it, gives these a go.

Daywear Multi-protection moisture creme: Love the soft feel of it on my skin, love how hydrating it is and how moisturized my skin has been. Because of my combination skin – it can be so HARD to find the right balance of moisture but lightweight enough also. This definitely tackles that while the fresh smell of cucumbers is the perfect cherry on top of an awesome moisturizer. I love putting it on first thing after washing my face in the morning – I feel like I’m doing my skin a favor! Also, they do have a sorbet creme, for those into it. I’m not the biggest gelee cream fan – but I’m sure it’s awesome as well for those with oily skin.

I have never loved a Night Creme quite like I love this one. It will definitely be in my skin care regimen from now on – and a little goes a very long way. Meaning : it will last you a while for sure, I’m not even half way through! So while this Nightwear Plus Detox creme carries a hefty price tag, it has been worth it so far. I like to remove my make up and wash my face pretty obsessively before bed (lol), so it is a perfect way to tuck my skin in for the night. Perfectly moisturizing and a sweet cucumber smell, I love how dewy my skin looks in the am. I always wear my fave – Advanced night repair serum underneath and their eye cream as well, Advanced night repair eye complex. I love the texture, lightweight feel and natural smell of these guys! I am super picky about eye creams because I have such a sensitive eye area and a low tolerance of strong smells. I’ve been using them for a few years now and are apart of my splurges!

This is a good one and a much nicer price tag (lol). I didn’t think I was going to like this Multi-action cleanser as much as I am but it’s pretty awesome. Small beads for a good clean, super lightweight, non-foaming and a fresh smell. I was pleasantly surprised at how it did not make my skin feel tight or dry (as some products with beads do) and it’s a light gelee formula which I am really liking – especially with the warmer temperatures coming. It is a perfect mix of a deep clean and non drying. Again, a little goes a VERY long way – I use it twice a day with a drop smaller then the size of a penny!

I love my toner! Truly one thing I can not live without, and over the years I have tried numerous toners! Big budget items and drugstore brands and I have my faves in both categories. This Multi-action toning lotion cleanses and revitalizes without any harsh feeling or dryness – or smell. It has a soft and fresh smell just like the Day/Night wear. I was thrilled they all smelled so good. Firstly, the size of this product alone is worth the money – the bottle is huge. I would personally compare this to the Dior Gentle Toner I have talked about before. Super gentle and not moisture-stripping at all, and worth the splurge if you want to take it.

So what will be in my skincare arsenal? Cleanser and Nightwear are just LOVES for me at this point. I guess I’ll have to wait and see about the others. BUT I am pleased and these were definitely worth The Splurge ladies! Please let me know – what is your favourite splurge beauty item? Have you tried any of these before?

Thanks for stopping by!

With Love,

Michelle xo

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