Vacay beauty on a Budget

Because going on Vacay costs enough!

In Ontario Canada right now – it is blistering cold! So these are my latest go to’s as we are currently packing up this week and head down south for some fun, sun and relaxation. With the winter we have had these last few weeks – we need it and boy, have we earned it! (Some of you may know what I mean if you’re living it).

Here are my recent grabs for our trip, and thought I would share them with all of you lovely people who may be heading out to warmer temperatures. Quick, easy and effective is the name of this game, as these products are meant for our trip so spending extra on these finds was not an option – I’d rather spend more on the littles’ mineral SPF and plane ride books and activities. The best part really is that I have found some things I will be happy to use long after we return!

So here are my fabulous finds. With price tags as pretty as the bottle and full of good stuff inside for your trip ahead.

Dry Shampoo

Who has time to worry about washing your hair when you have a tan to work on (or littles to chase).  Just like at home , dry shampoo can be a saviour, I know everyone’s affordable fave is Batiste Dry Shampoo. Personally, I don’t like the white residue it leaves so I decided to try something new. I am LOVING the light feel of OGX argan oil dry shampoo, the smell and the airy feeling it leaves is a far cry from the heavy and powdery feel and look of past dry shampoo’s I have tried.

CC Cream SPF

Tinted moisturizer is a must on vacay, and even every morning! Easy but flawless, I knew I would need something I could put on everyday for even skin tone without fussing with makeup. I’m a big fan of BB creams and CC creams so when you add some SPF, I’m sold. I used Aveeno CC cream SPF 30. It was lightweight and gave a perfect amount of coverage, I used it daily and sometimes even found myself using it in the evening. It worked perfectly and felt great.

Facial cleansing wipes

I love the mildness of cetaphil and cerave for everyday, and it’s still perfect for travelling because of it’s ultra light yet very affective formula. But you can’t beat the convenience of a good facial wipe for beach days or after- the- pool afternoons. Simple’s Kind to Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes is perfect for sensitive skin, has a light and fresh scent and works just as effective as it’s pricier competitors. It doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry and stripped or irritated, that’s why it’s my new fave – they also have a micellar makeup remover wipes which I have been using daily before my night time cleanser!

Texture spray

My new favourite – it smells amazing, is vegan cruelty free and works like a charm – Cake The Wave Maker. Gives you instant waves and fullness and works on wet or dry hair. It works fast and is made locally here in Ontario.

Body Spray

I kept myself smelling fresh with Delectable hair and body mist. Freshly scented and perfect for hair and body, it’s a quick way to feel (and smell fresh) on the go.

After Sun Care

Need I say more! Let’s not forget to take care of our skin too, not just the littles’. Live Clean is one of my fave brands for my girls and has quickly become one for myself also. Live Clean after sun Aloe Vera gel is an easy way to sooth any overexposed area’s of your body. And it doubles for the kids too.

Splurge: Herbivore Botanicals after sun body mist (travel size)

So friends, have I left anything out? Let me know in the comments.

Safe Travels! xx

With Love,

Michelle xo

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