What’s in my makeup bag : My Affordable Fall Makeup

As much as I love walking into Sephora, (the bright lights, the smell of new and unused cosmetics, all the ladies mingling over pretty things – it’s like toys r us for women) it isn’t always practical to run to the mall for a new blush. So I  think it’s good to have brands of makeup from the drugstore that you know and love.

Realistically, I don’t shop much for me anymore it really is all about the girls – and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Every time I plan on shopping for myself I get hit with mom guilt, asking myself “do I really need this?”. I never did this before so it’s funny that I do this all the time and feel really weird about shopping for myself (mom life I guess, right!? . So when I do, I try to keep the cost as affordable as possible, that means giving up some of the expensive tastes we had before, and I really don’t mind. Splurging is nice but only when I feel it necessary, otherwise, I feel it’s good to know what’s out there – what’s the best bang for your buck – and to know what is out there and what you like it means trying new things. So here are some brands, and more specifically, products that I like to grab on the go when spending extra is just not happening for me or when time is of the essence. Some are new finds and some I have loved for years!

Rimmel – I’ve been a big fan of Rimmel London for years and they never ever fail to disappoint. When in doubt and I need something but don’t know which brand to try I go with Rimmel and I swear I’m always satisfied.

Currently loving :  Lasting finish skin perfecting full coverage foundation. I don’t have use for foundation everyday, but when I do use it, this one blends great, isn’t cakey or heavy and  has the added bonus of SPF20.  The Kate Moss collection lipstick is my favorite and I would take it over most lipsticks. I’ve been using them since my wedding day and now have 5 different shades that I am addicted to.

Maybelline  – I’ve tried so many products from Maybelline over my makeup journey, some I have loved and some not so much – but I really do like their products and think they are a brand worth trying.  (and who doesn’t love their tagline, am I right! “maybe she’s born with it….”)

Currently loving – Face Studio Master conceal camouflaging  concealer. This is a pretty full coverage concealer that is perfect if you want to skip the foundation, you need a small amount to do the trick, saving the product and saving you money in the long run. Baby Lips Moisturizing lip balm is the bomb! (I’m so sorry but I just had to do it – don’t pardon the pun) Honestly, I love the stained look it gives your lips for everyday. Master chrome highlighter is pretty intense and bright so while I wouldn’t use it for daytime, it’s definitely great for a dramatic evening look. I love what highlighter in the right places can do!

NYX – I am new to this brand and have only tried 2 products so far, but I’m really liking everything and will definitely be trying some more. (especially for the price!)

Currently loving :  HD Finishing Powder is perfect to finish your look, brushing a little on top of your concealer or foundation enhances your look and sets your concealer/foundation. The Professional Concealer is also really good for an everyday morning look, it’s not to heavy and is perfect for spot correcting and using under the eye.

L’oreal (honorable mention) has also been one of my favorite make up brands for years. I’m pretty sure the first make up I wore and bought was from them! You just can’t go wrong with them.

My Fall Splurges :

Lancome HYPNOSE Mascara – One of my favorites! Worth the splurge for those long lashes.

Mac Bronzer and Lipgloss – They have the best bronzers and lipglosses. It’s hard to use any other brand when they are this good!

Benefit Coralista Blush – It’s not very pigmented and goes on lightly which is perfect for daytime. I love the natural peachy tone and that it doesn’t leave color all over my babes faces when I smooch them!

What are you guys loving this season? x


With Love,

Michelle and the minis xo

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