Madison’s Pancakes

My little Madison (who is now 3) has always been some what of a picky eater. As she’s gotten older she has become more and more particular about what and when she eats. All the reading, and talking to other moms and questions to our doctor has proven (sadly) that this is completely normal behavior. She may love spaghetti today but if I attempt to give it to her two days later – she hates it. She may ask for eggs in the morning but if I ask her tomorrow morning if she wants some, I’m met with a “no way”. Cooking for my little has really forced me to think outside of the box, try new things and ways to prepare classic meals and to not stress so much if she decides she no longer likes green beans. Ugh…I swear she couldn’t get enough last week.

As Mila is now one year and eating all kinds of new foods, I keep telling myself to not get sucked into the “but she should be eating this” vortex of emotion and go with the flow. I’m going to continuously offer them a range of healthy foods, different grains, an assortment of colors in vegetables and fruits and when all else fails, go with the snack!

Madison loves snacking throughout the day. Getting her to sit down 3 times a day for a full meal is not realistic in our home simply because she does not do it. She has a full schedule of tea parties, barbie doll conversations and re-watching episodes of paw patrol for any of that. So I keep her snacking.

  • Plain Yogurt and chopped fruit
  • crackers and cheese
  • cottage cheese and a hard boiled egg
  • fruit salad
  • Apple sauce
  • Fruit smoothies
  • Gold fish crackers

She has her die hard snacks that I can always count on…and above all else chocolate chip cookies of coarse (mom fail!) But sometimes it’s gotta happen.

A tried and true fave of hers as of late has been Pancakes. I don’t make pancakes very often for hubby and I so we don’t keep the ready mix around just because we always forget to grab it lol. But when Madison does want pancakes, I throw these together to make a much lighter version i.e – not so much flour.

Feel free to add anything your little may like with his/her pancakes. The measurements are completely based off of what Madison likes so go ahead and change it up where need be. After all, all littles are different and you never know what they’re going to like or want (sigh!) until you give it a try. But hang in there mama’s…you’re doing a great job!

Happy Snacking!

1 whole egg

half a banana (if you add more then 1 egg – add some more banana for taste)

1 tbsp flour

1 tsp yogurt

*1 tsp oatmeal cereal (we use ancient grains or baby gourmet for added nutrition – optional)

*I add cinnamon and chocolate chips – optional

MIX together – Should make 2-3 pancakes. If you need more than this, I recommend adding double the ingredients.

Lightly drop a little butter or oil in your MED heated frying pan and scoop pancake mixture as you would regular pancakes (a large spoon/ladle) and place neatly in the frying pan.

As there is not very much flour, it does NOT need a lot of frying time. 10-20 seconds max including both sides. Do not leave it – it WILL burn (I learned the hard way lol. )

*The more flour you add, the longer the pancake will need to be fried as it will be much thicker  – Keep that in mind.

Serve! We use honey or maple syrup on top of ours with a side of chopped berries!

Hope you enjoy! x

With Love,

Michelle and the minis xo


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